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Salinity & Brix Meter, Polarimeter, Saccharimeter, Refractometer

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12 / 05 / 2023
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Detail Salinity & Brix Meter, Polarimeter, Saccharimeter, Refractometer

ATAGO World Top Refractometer and Polarimeter. Application : Sugars, Foods, Drinks, Milk, Fruits, School and Education use, Gardering, Seawater/Salt water, Solid, Oils, Chemicals, Coolants, Soluble cutting oils, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical, Honey. Products : * Digital Pocket Refractometer PAL Series Feature : Extremely water resistant (IP65), Revolutionary new feature ELI, Calibration with water only, Light & Compact (100g), Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation. Types : PAL-alpha (Brix 0.0-85.0%) PAL-1(Brix 0.0-53.0%) PAL-2 (Brix 45.0-93.0%) PAL-3 (Brix 0.0-93.0%) PAL-03S (sodium chloride) PAL-06S, PAL-07S PAL-22S (Honey) PAL-27S (soy milk) PAL-34S (ethyl alcohol) PAL-88S & PAL-89S (coolant propylene glycol) PAL-91S PAL-92S (ethylene glycol) PAL-RI (refractive index 1.3306-1.5284) PAL-BX/RI (Brix 0.0-93.0 & 1.3306-1.5284 refractive index) PAL special scale to measure concentration of Brix/Baume, Citric acid, Fructose, Glucose, Lactose, Ethyl alcohol, Methyl alcohol, Wine, Ect. **** Handheld Refractometer*** Basic type of refractometer. The operator simply applies a sample onto prism and views the measured value through the eyepiece. Types : MASTER-alpha series (water resistance and ATC) MASTER-alpha MASTER-2alpha MASTER-3alpha MASTER-4alpha MASTER-53alpha M ASTER-10alpha MASTER-20alpha *** MASTER-T series (ATC) : *** * MASTER-T, MASTER-2T MASTER-3T MASTER-4T MASTER-53T MASTER-10T MASTER-20T ** * MASTER-M series (Manual) *** * MASTER-M MASTER-2M MASTER-3M MASTER-4M MASTER-53M MASTER-10M MASTER-20M *** MASTER-H series (ATC, Water resistant and Heat resistant) *** MASTER-50H MASTER-80H MASTER-93H MASTER-100H Others : N-8alpha Al-21alpha (alcohol) HHR-2N (honey) HSR-500 (wide range) R-5000 (refractive index) * Digital Refractometer Palette Series. The ultimate compact instrument which is the result of years of proven reliable performance, ease of operation and the functionality of design. High accuracy, 3 user programmable scale, convenience temperature display, ATC, ELI. Types: PR-32alpha PR-101alpha PR-201alpha PR-301alpha PR-RI PR-50HO PR -60PA PET-109 PR-40DMF ABBE Refractometer series : DR-A1 (digital), NAR-1T LIQUID (sample liquid), NAR-1T SOLID (for solid & liquid samples), NAR-2T (for high temperature samples), NAR-3T (precision model), NAR-4T (for high refractive index measurement). * Multi-Mavelength ABBE Refractometer can measure refractive index and abbe number. Types : DR-M2, DR-M4, DR-M2/1550, DR-M4/1550. * Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-Series are durable and very easy to operate. Built-in Peltier thermo-module maintains a constant measuring temperature eliminating the need for an external water-bath, measurement begins automatically after the sample reaches the set target temperature, 30 user programmable scales, measurement values are quickly displayed, Top and bottom limit bar display option, manual calibration is possible to compensate for differences between standard liquids and measured values with other refractometer, built-in flash memory will recal the last 30 measuring value. Types : RX-9000alpha, RX-7000alpha, RX-5000alpha, RX-5000alpha-Bev, RX-007alpha. * Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-5000 allows direct reading of refractive index, temperature corrected refractive index and temperature-corrected Brix of various liquid samples. * Automatic Refractometer SMART-1. * IN-LINE Refractometer : PRM-85 and CM-780. * Salinity Refractometer : PAL-06S, PAL-07S, S-10E, S/Mill-E, ATC-S/Mill-E, MASTER-S28M, MASTER-S28al pha, PR-100SA, PAL-ES2, PAL-ES3, ES-421 * Polarimeter POLAX-2L (manually operating with digital indicator, accurately measure the angle of rotation or international standard sugar scale) * Automatic Digital Polarimeter AP-300, AP-300 Type A (Temperature controlled, jacketed flow tube with funnel and temperature sensor) AP-300 Type B (Temperature compensate unjacketed flow tube with funnel). Fully automatic measures a sample easily by setting the observation tube (filled with a liquid sample) in the sample chamber and pressing START. Average measurement value is displayed, Password function for ISO Standard, Compact and space saving. * Clinical Refractometer : SUR-NE (serum protein, urine specific gravity and refractive index scale), URICON-NE (specific gravity and refractive index of urine), PAL-10S (digital pocket specific gravity of urine, ATC), UG-alpha (precision Urine specific gravity of urine, ATC
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