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AZ Instrument Dissolved Oxiygen Meter Tipe 8403

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12 / 05 / 2023
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Detail AZ Instrument Dissolved Oxiygen Meter Tipe 8403

* ACCURATE D.O. MEASUREMENT ! * SALINITY AND BAROMETRIC PRESSURE COMPENSATION ! * STORES AND RECALLS 99 DATA WITH TEMPERATURE READINGS ! * REAL TIME CLOCK FOR EACH MEMORY DATA ! * RS232 +IrDA INTERFACE ! FEATURE * Ready Indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes. * Hold Function freezes reading for easy viewing and recording. * Max/Min/AVG function help to analyze the data. * Auto-Power off by selecting time frame. * Powered by 4 AAA Batteries or optional AC adaptor. * oC or oF unit switchable with 0.1 oC/0.1 oF resolution. * Low battery indication & Backlight functions. * Adjustable real data (Y-M-D) and real time (H:M:S) by pushing button. * APPLICATION: Aquaculture: To monitor oxygen levels in fish and shrimp farming. Industria: Ideal for checks the quality of plant water intake and discharge. Environmental: To test water quality, BOD( Biochemical Oxygen Demand ) value. Educational: Ideal for quick, accurate DO readings in laboratories and schools. * 3 Ways to download : via IrDA Datalogger Printer 9802 and 9680 as well as via RS232 to PC Technical Specifications D.O %: 0.0 ~ 199.9% RES.: 0.1% Accuracy:
dissolved oxygen meter
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